Following the launch of the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer earlier this year, we saw that Business and specifically Employers are the most trusted in South Africa. Now, launching the updated Trust Barometer mid-year report (May 2021), A World in Trauma, we see that this new research has exposed a world fraught with feelings of anxiety and fear over the Covid-19 pandemic’s lasting effects: increased job loss and mental health issues, fear of a new outbreaks and a widening inequality gap.

This new research,  which includes data for South Africa, explores opportunities for our four institutions – business, government, media and NGOS – to redefine how we live, work and collaborate. 

The data shows that people believe the government to have fallen short on core issues, from healthcare to education to climate to addressing systemic inequalities, and business is expected to address these issues.

We found that the way forward for business is to lead where it has the advantage: jobs, training, fair wages and innovation. And businesses have no choice but to now listen to their most important stakeholders: employees.

Have a look at the Trust Top 10 for key insights and contact us should you like to explore this further.